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Training & Intranship courses

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Training & Intranship Courses

“Your future is created by what you do , lets shape it with our training program.“ With ever changing technologies and methodology, the competition today much greater than ever before.

The industrial scenario needs constant technological enhancement to cater the rapid demand and If you are an Engineering student or pursuing graduate / post graduate then you may have definitely heard the terms “ summer training and internship “.

This training is important because it is the best way to acquire and clean your concept about respective fields.

WE at Power Tech Global are delivering high quality training on

Industrial Project
Field work for management student
For all B.TECH , BE & MBA students can also apply . Generally B.TECH / BE students of 6thSem and for MBA students from 3rdSem are eligible for this program as their mandatory curriculum.

Learning is the endless process, in a person’s life all the time he should learn something. Learning is the essential part in a person’s life. Knowledge is bigger than the ocean, when you have knowledge with you, you will get all powers. When you are spending something to learn anything, it will never waste. At the same time, Practical knowledge is very much important. We all know famous quote “Practice makes man perfect”. Through theoretical knowledge you can get an idea about the concept. But, practical knowledge will give in-depth understanding of the concept through by doing, exercising and experiencing it. So, theoretical knowledge is not enough, practical knowledge is essential, and then only you can understand the complete concept. In the same manner, in MBA degree along with theory, practical knowledge (internship) is very important. Because, though internship only you can understand what is corporate life and how you need to sustain at work place along with required skills.

An MBA internship is an outline to the real world workplace, business, and it provides an opportunity for the students to understand functioning’s of the real commercial world. Means, how it would be and how the things work and all. Internship shows the importance of the business theory what they have studied in the classroom, and it gives the understanding on the working pattern of real business scenario.

An MBA internship gives the students an opportunity to develop their skills. Whatever they have learned in the classroom, which they can apply attractively in the real world workplace. You will get to know how to work with others, it is a very important attribute required for succeeding at work place. You can cultivate it during an internship.

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